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Fawaz Alhokair

The Group

Founded in 1990, Fawaz Alhokair is one of the leading global groups in the Fashion Retail, Food & Entertainment and Shopping Mall sectors. Over the years it has grown and diversified until now it covers 5 macro business areas.


20 centres (including 4 inter-regional,10 regional and 6 community malls), with other new developments in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.


Over 2,500 sales points in 17 countries with a portfolio of over 100 brands distributed. Part of Alhokair Fashion Retail’s capital stock is listed on the Saudi stock market.

Group's numers


About 400 sales points and 25 brands distributed.
The group also operates in the children’s play area sector with the brands Billy Beez; Octo and Kidzania for the Saudi market.


4 structures in operation and 12 new projects.


This sector includes the group’s energy management company FAS Energy, FARE Construction and the architecture and design studio Echo Architecture.