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Cascina Merlata Milan


The Cascina Merlata Shopping Centre is located in the North-West of Milan, next to where the 2015 Universal Exposition (Expo) was based. The complex is part of a much larger regeneration project that aims to create a smart, sustainable, latest generation metropolitan habitat.
The shopping centre is split into two separate buildings: the main retail mall and food court and the leisure/entertainment centre, including a new generation children’s play area, eating areas and supermarket anchors.

cascina merlata


  • part of a dynamic urban regeneration context
  • residential areas and service sector businesses in primary catchment area
  • shopping centre integrated perfectly with surrounding area
  • complete merchandising mix
  • children’s play area

The Context

The entire Cascina Merlata area wi/1 be regenerated with the creation of,

At the same time the 2015 Expo site will be completely redeveloped thanks to the arrivai of:

cascina merlata
cascina merlata